CCEDA. Collaborate. Diversify. Thrive.

The Cortes Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA) supports a vibrant and active community grounded in sustainable and conscious development. We define community economic development (CED) as the actions taken by people locally to create economic opportunities that improve social conditions. To be effective, solutions must be rooted in local knowledge and led by community members. CCEDA works within this model to foster a resilient and diversified local economy for Cortes Island. We do this by promoting and advocating for the health and wellbeing of all living beings in our community; developing dynamic and responsive strategies and programs that increase community capacity; collaborating on regional economic development partnerships and initiatives; and conducting research, studies and compiling reports to support community economic development.

For more details see the CCEDA 2019 Organizational Profile, and our Constitution.

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Brittany Baxter is a graphic designer, and award winning filmmaker, video editor + animator. She works with entrepreneurs, artists, farmers, social profits, and genius start-ups to synthesize complex narratives and ideas into elegant visuals that communicate clearly. She brings these skills to CCEDA, as well as a passion for finding connections between decolonization, social justice and economics.

Matt Cuscianna owns and operates a land development contracting business on Cortes, and has worked for the Cortes Island General Forestry Partnership as their engineer since 2015. He brings his wealth of experience in these sectors to the CCEDA board.

Colin Funk is a senior facilitator and international presenter in creativity, innovation and leadership development. During his 25 year career as facilitator and trainer, Colin has worked with a multitude of organizations across Canada in government, and in the private and social profit sector.

Adam McKenty is a technologist and entrepreneur with a passion for finding ways we can work together to create sustainable, harmonious human society on planet Earth. A Cortes resident since 2002, he brings a decade of local nonprofit board experience to CCEDA. When not following his fascination with regenerative economics, he runs a web development agency and the Collective Intelligence Network, co-directs the Foundation for Intentional Community, writes essays, and plays music in a family folk band.

is an M&A advisor, exit coach and angel investor. He is the CEO of Strategic Exits Corp, a firm specializing in optimum exits for technology companies and has managed three top performing funds, a hedge fund, a venture capital fund and an angel fund.

Loni Taylor has a lifelong mission of advocating for the arts and using education as a tool to improve socio-economics in her local community. Loni has worked as an educator of the arts and athletics on Cortes Island for the past three years, and has been pursuing a continued education in permaculture and homesteading. Her background in events management and community coordination support her desire to bring energy, action, and spirit to the CCEDA Board.

Barend van der Vorm is the founding director of Helder Ventures which supports and finances social enterprise. Since the early nineties Barend has been active in direct investments in early stage companies and has acted as a mentor to a number of founders of startups.

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