2.5 Acres of Potential

In 2018, CIBATA (now CCEDA) was given responsibility for the stewardship of 2.5 acres of commercially zoned land in the heart of the Manson’s Landing. The vision for this land is that it will provide new space for efforts such as retail shops, professional offices, and studios for artisans within easy walking distance of the new housing on Rainbow Ridge and services in the Mansons Landing commercial area. The next steps for CCEDA will be to assess the current needs of the community and engage stakeholders in a consultation process to determine a plan for the long-term use and effective management of this land. A key factor to the health and success of this effort will be to engage with Klahoose First Nation to determine an economic reconciliation plan and shared wealth strategy. 

The LEAP Report outlines key goals and actionable ideas for this commercial land; some of the legwork for creating a community-based plan has already been undertaken through the tireless efforts of volunteers over many years.

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