A fir seedling among the mosses on an old log by the trai lto Green Mountain

Community Economic Development Coordinator

We are in the process of hiring a CED Coordinator to address the specific challenges and opportunities arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. This person will be working on implementing programs, partnerships, and identifying funding to help us recover, diversify, and thrive.

Look for our announcement on the Tideline and on Cortes Radio when we have completed the hiring process. This project page will be updated with more information once our new Coordinator has all their ducks in a row.


Entrepreneurs are supported with workshops, mentorships, business plan development; then connected with the CCIC or grant opportunities to secure funding.
Community groups are connecting to collaborate on funding applications and capacity building, helping each other pivot towards resilience.
Resources are being distributed more fairly and infrastructure is being created, especially to address basic needs such as housing, food security, culture building, and meaningful work opportunities.
We are supporting other communities in our region, through exports of quality goods and services, as well as sharing ideas, lessons learned, project concepts, and homegrown models for resilience.